Flex implies an important relief of work for the IT department from the first level problems.”

Mirko Piaggesi, Head of Internal Information Systems, TeamSystem

TeamSystem Group is one of the European leaders in management / ERP software and training services company. It provides solutions for enterprises, craftspeople, accountants, business consultants, lawyers, property managers, and associations. 

With over thirty years of experience in the management software market, TeamSystem is a constantly growing group, relying on a network of over 550 structures consisting of Software Partners and direct operations.


Before we intervened with Flex Services, TeamSystem Group had four instances recognized as business-critical, with limited personnel consigned to database monitoring.

Whenever the SQL Server experienced any trouble, the lack of staff with the necessary skills delayed the providing of a solution. A situation that negatively affected the entire company.

TeamSystem Group then decided to entrust monitoring its business-critical instances (from 4 to 20) to our management and analysis service. 


TeamSystem Group activated our Microsoft SQL Server instance monitoring service beginning with evaluating server capacity and data requirements. After setting up the monitoring instances, our team fine-tuned the alarms and tested the communication.

Once the service was activated according to these parameters, specialized personnel monitor the instances 24/7, proactively preventing any disruption before it happens, and optimizing performance.


Our handling of TeamSystem Group’s SQL servers saved their IT department significant time and resources, which can now be directed at other corporate projects.

Besides being able to access historical records, the company now has data trustful data-driven insights, thanks to periodical reports enabling predictive analysis data. 

The optimized infrastructure makes troubleshooting more manageable for the DBAs, should there be performance degradation in any application.


Flex Services -DBA as a service

Besides being able to access historical records, the company now has data trustful data-driven insights