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Premium data platform consulting

Our goal is to ensure the optimization, quality, and reliability of your data infrastructure. We provide premium consulting services, remotely or on-site, in Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure Data Platform, data governance, data warehousing, data architecture, data modeling, and data integration services.

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How does it work

PRE- STUDY An assessment of your environment and data infrastructure to compose a complete and detailed view of your server usage, business requirements, security compliance, and resources.

SOLUTION A proposal with the solution that best fits your situation, including the necessary information and technical knowledge so you can make the best choice.

PROJECT   Our team gets involved in delivering the solution to the extent you deem convenient. We can design it for your IT department, work on it 50/50, or take on the whole project.

SUPPORT After your data platform has been optimized for your business needs, we can provide support with monitoring, training, documentation, and technical reference.

DATA SECURITY Our service fully complies with reliable safety and privacy standards, using certified tools and processes.

Our client says...

Luca La Cava, Project Manager at Meridiana

The speed of the server tripled. Previously, due to the high number of transactions, sometimes the system slowed down or even locked up. Now, these problems do not happen anymore.

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How can I be assured of your expertise in data platform?

We are Gold certified by Microsoft in the Data Platform and Data Center competencies, and our team includes experts officially considered Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft. We have written over 30 books about data, most of them highly praised by the technical community.

What is your engagement in a project? What roles can you cover?

It is for you to decide. We can guide the implementation of the solution through our Project Manager and Mentors, or we can work side by side with your team following your rules and timesheets. Should you prefer, we can simply design the solution and train your IT department to build it.

Is your service delivered on-site or remotely?

We are here to support you, either on-site or remotely, depending upon your needs. Our company has been operating remotely since 2002, so we are quite experienced in thematter. In both cases, we operate at the maximum level to guarantee you the best possible data system performance.

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