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Lean back - Your SQL Servers (be it on premise or in the cloud) are in the best hands

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Reliable data platform management

Monitoring and maintenance

Guardian provides continuous monitoring and maintenance of your SQL Server systems. This allows problems to be quickly identified and resolved before they cause downtime or have any other negative impact on the business.

SQL Server high availability

Guardian's continuous monitoring and maintenance can minimize potential downtime and increase SQL Server availability. This improves business continuity and the user experience.

Significantly Improved scalability

Guardian scales quickly and easily to meet the needs of your business. This means you can flexibly adjust its resources to meet your specific needs.

More data expertise

Guardian provides access to the expert knowledge of Lucient's SQL Server experts. This means you can benefit from experienced professionals who know the latest best practices and technologies.

Higher cost effectiveness

By outsourcing the management of SQL Server systems to Guardian, you can reduce your IT costs by not having to dedicate internal resources to management. This can also help you better plan and predict their IT spend.

Focus on the core business

By outsourcing the management of their SQL Server systems to Guardian, they can focus their internal resources on business-critical tasks and concentrate on their core business instead of worrying about maintaining and monitoring IT systems.

Entrust your data platform to the best hands

Lucient Guardian will enhance the security and performance of your instances and databases, acting as a shield against outages, data loss, and other potential risks.

Lucient Guardian is a DBA as a Service and much more than this: it is the key for your company to have a future-proof data platform capable of foreseeing and resolving possible obstacles along the way.

Data platform protection at its finest

Potentially negative issues will be identified and corrected to avoid possible problems with your SQL Server instances and databases. 

Our Senior DBAs will swiftly react to any alert, assessing every incident before opting for the most suitable solution. Unburden your IT team from repetitive, tedious minor tasks and free your technical resources to focus on driving your business forward.

Service description

Keeping the overview

Get a detailed description about the scope, SLAs, included and excluded,services...

Swift response

Lucient Guardian enables you to determine our DBAs’ response time, as specified in the different plans: Developer, Standard, and Enterprise. They can either fix the incident or just alert your IT team, should you prefer to handle it yourself.

Get your instances up and running as quickly as possible – repairs can start as soon as within 60 minutes of an alert, if necessary! 

Service description

Optimale Skalierung

Guardian is tailored to your business. We deliver only the services you need without unnecessary baggage and activities you’d rather handle yourself.

We can handle any number of SQL Server instances and scale based on business needs and growth.. You can assign different priorities to your instances, depending on the function each one performs and how important it is to your operation.

Service description

Guardian at a glance

Subscriptions & SLAs

For incidents that occur during core hours (Mon-Fri 8:00 -18:00):

For incidents that occur outside of core hours (Mon-Fri 18:00-08:00; Sat-Sun; holiday 24h):

If no extension is selected, incidents outside the core time are assigned to the start of the next core time.
* Experience shows that the response time “before 7 a.m. on the next working day” enables a solution in 90% of cases and thus a regular start of work for the developers on the next working day.


Health Check und setup

We determine the health of your SQL Server instances and configure your data platform for optimal performance, reliability and security.


We monitor the status of your infrastructure at all times to prevent outages, data loss or other incidents. We eliminate problems before they arise with proactive monitoring and maintenance.

Diagnosis and fine tuning

We create a report and complete the diagnosis of your system and suggest possible improvements. Our recognized experts suggest possible improvements for the maintenance, performance and security of your SQL Server infrastructure.


When an alarm is detected, we take care of it immediately.
Our DBA team determines the cause of the problem, assesses the threat level, and remediates the incident to minimize the likelihood of the same problem occurring again.

Ticketing system and hotline

You can contact our Senior DBA team at any time via the support hotline. Get advice, get answers to your questions and check the status of your system in real time if needed.



Perform necessary backups of your databases and have them checked and restored regularly. This will help you meet the more stringent RPO and RTO SLA requirements.

Index/Statistics Maintenance

Improve the effectiveness of SQL Server Query Optimizer with proactive index and statistics maintenance, customized to your workload and infrastructure.

Data Integrity

Avoid the risk of data corruption thanks to timely verification of your data sets with various relevant tools.

Capacity Management

Can your hardware and infrastructure handle your workload? Guardian gives a forecast of when your capacity will reach its limits.

Job Monitoring

Quickly detect and fix malfunctions in all SQL Server Agent jobs run by your SQL Server instances.


Guardian ensures that your SQL Server instances are fully compliant and data protection is maximized by not missing critical SQL Server patches.


Guardian keeps audit logs of all activities and detects the unauthorized or unwanted changes to your data.

High Availability

With Guardian, you avoid service interruptions and monitor the proper functioning of your servers

Performance Monitoring

Guardian monitors the optimal performance of your SQL Server instances.

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