Data Platform Modernization

The first building block for future-proofing your Data is the platform

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Get assurance that there is a balance between your overall infrastructure, actual usage, current needs, and business strategy. Ensure forward-looking pricing for licenses, hardware, and staff.

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Clean up old versions of SQL Server that are outdated or no longer supported. With a modern data center, you will be compliant with the latest versions and licenses.

Agility and Flexibility

Get the ability to act fast! Insights and overviews that used to take months are now available in minutes/hours. Be ready to adapt quickly and gain competitive advantage when critical changes occur in the market.

The first building block for future-proofing your Data is your platform

  • Gain complete knowledge of your existing workloads, match it with the expressed business needs, and picture a clear cost/benefit blueprint of the future data situation.
  • Our Data Platform Modernization service delivers big savings on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and accelerates business opportunities.
  • We bring the expertise to make a swift transition, including a strong governance model to secure current and future investments.
  • We can collaborate with your IT team and propose a strategic roadmap to the future, with flexibility for different platforms, whether that is upgrading to another version of SQL Server or migrating to Microsoft Azure.
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The data center is always secured against crashes and hacker attacks, with centralized support and the latest security certificates. With a cloud-based solution, you will limit ongoing manual access to the system, reducing risks to a minimum.

Day-to-day operations

Streamline your internal processes - primarily through automation and standardization. This shifts your people’s time from maintenance and routine work towards value-adding development.

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4-Phase Method

Lucient´s proven and most popular four-step process brings light to the different options for your data, including pros and cons, and the costs associated with updating your platform.

Driving results

Our data modernization approach provides a highly accessible, useful, and compliant platform that reduces costs and powers the analytics to enhance personalization and optimize forecasting. Typical results include*:

  • 40% decrease in data storage costs
  • 60% reduction of cost (licensing, operations, and infrastructure)
  • 35% increased efficiency in human resources & processes thanks to automation
  • 30-60% faster time to market (increased productivity, openness, and flexibility)
  • ROI in six to twelve months
  • A fully compliant and up-to-date platform

*Based on actual client engagements that have completed all 4 DPM phases. Individual results may vary.

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Lucient’s Data Platform Modernization 4-Phase Method

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Check out deliverables, outcomes, what's included in each phase, benefits and much more!

The best investment

Upgrading to a modern data platform or migrating your data structure to the cloud will result in a valuable, future-proof investment.

Turn your data platform into a gold mine for your business!

Optimize your spending

Business success depends upon the ability to access all actionable data, anticipate market changes, and quickly scale operations to effectively deliver products and services.

Thanks to effective resource management and procedures, Data Platform Modernization delivers big savings on TCO and accelerates business opportunities.

Best practices and standards

With our tested policies and procedures, you will receive the best advice, in full compliance with Microsoft standards and best practices.

Data Platform Modernization will accelerate business opportunities while ensuring a swift transition to the new data infrastructure.

Get the mximum value out of your data

Your data is your most valuable asset: let us help you maximize its value and efficiency by:

  • Covering the entire data estate.
  • Allowing you to focus on your business needs.
  • Optimize your data platform to gain speed, flexibility, and scalability to deliver fast insights.
  • Removing constraints caused by physical infrastructure limitations, siloed operations, and the inability to evolve.
  • Focusing on increased operational efficiency through automation.
  • Increasing the value of the business by modernizing the existing data estate: including licenses, infrastructure, operations, and your SQL Server version.
  • Receiving business & technical advice based on the latest version/cloud capabilities.

Lucient makes Bang & Olufsen's data sound with DPM

World-renowned Danish company Bang & Olufsen (B&O) has been developing iconic, innovative audio and video products since 1925. The company wanted to upgrade its Microsoft SQL Server installation and it needed to examine whether its software insurance agreement allowed for extra business intelligence (BI) functionalities. B&O also sought to optimize the joint performance of its hardware and its externally hosted SQL Server. Guided by an assessment from Lucient, B&O was able to update and optimize its SQL Server structure within a consolidated and streamlined environment. Lucient’s report also showed that the BI functionalities B&O sought were within reach, avoiding extra costs.

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Secure your investment, secure your business

Gain a competitive advantage by making your business more agile and flexible. Lucient will share insights, knowledge and advice with your chosen network to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right call.


I am interested, but do I need to commit to the whole process?

No, step 1 and step 2 of the DPM service can be sold and delivered separately if requested.

What target platforms are included in the scope of a DPM?

All SQL data targets supported by Microsoft are included in the Microsoft ecosystem. (From On-premise to Hybrid and Azure cloud).

What is the start-up time once I say yes?

Usually, it takes one business week.

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