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Improve the performance and stability of your SQL servers.

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Focus on what really matters; we look after your infrastructure

Continuous monitoring

Our team will keep track of your system to ensure everything runs like clockwork.

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Once a problem is solved, we will suggest how to improve and optimize your system.

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Get real-time updates, predict and prepare for challenges ahead.

Save time and resources


Between 30 and 80% of your server maintenance costs.

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Avoid losing time with maintenance and troubleshooting, we will take care of your infrastructure.

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Our experts will immediately address any alert, whenever it takes place.

Database Administration as a Service (DBAaaS)

A Database Administration (DBA) solution that operates, maintains and monitors your Microsoft SQL resources. A flexible, scalable approach that continuously improves your systems operations and performance, optimizing resources, and preventing incidents before they happen. You will have permanent, real-time access to data monitoring, as to know what’s going on at any minute.

How does it work

Evaluation  We evaluate your SQL servers’ infrastructure and the data requirements for your operations.

Optimization We optimize the configuration of your SQL servers so they can effectively manage the volume of data of your company, escalating capacity when necessary.

Monitoring. We set up a monitoring system using Power BI, where data can be checked in real-time and anticipate any possible disruption.

Troubleshooting. Whenever there is an incident, we run an analysis with specialized tools to determine where the error is, so we can fix it.

Improvement. After the incident, we produce a report showing all key indicators and suggesting how to improve the system to avoid that in the future.


Mirko Piaggesi, Head of Internal Information Systems, TeamSystem

"This implies an important relief of work for the IT department from the first level problems."


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What specifications should my data system have so you can take care of them?

We are experts in managing SQL servers based on a Microsoft cloud environment. We can migrate your current data infrastructure to provide you with optimal performance.

What tools do you use to monitor data systems?

We set up a Power BI dashboard with the essential performance indicators, supported by a ticketing report system and other tools.

Is my data safe from breaches, accidental losses, or other incidents?

Absolutely, we store a backup of your data safely in our own servers, cyphered so no one can access its content. Our system updates the copy automatically every 5 minutes.

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