Monitor, protect and fix your SQL Server infrastructure

Lucient Guardian

Your shield against data trouble

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Trailblazing data platform protection

Always protected

We will take care of of any system alert

Risk prevention

Avoid system malfunctions before they happen


Top-level support to locate and fix any problem that may arise

Entrust your Data platform to the best hands

Lucient Guardian will enhance the security and performance of your instances and databases, acting as a shield against outages, data loss, and other potential risks.

Lucient Guardian is much more than DBA as a Service; it is an open door for your company to have a future-proof data platform capable of foreseeing and resolving possible obstacles along the way.

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Data platform protection at its finest

Potentially negative issues will be identified and corrected to avoid possible problems with your SQL Server instances and databases. Guardian Care will fix these problems before the end-users experience any inconvenience.

Our Senior DBAs will swiftly react to any alert, assessing every incident before opting for the most suitable solution. Unburden your IT team from repetitive, tedious minor tasks and free your technical resources to focus on driving your business forward.

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Fast response times

Lucient Guardian enables you to determine our DBAs’ response time, as specified in the different plans: Developer, Standard, and Enterprise. They can either fix the incident or just alert your IT team, should you prefer to handle it yourself.

For those mission-critical systems that cannot fail without seriously impacting your business, we recommend the Lucient Guardian Standard or Enterprise plans.

Get your instances up and running as quickly as possible – repairs can start as soon as within 60 minutes of an alert, if necessary! 

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Scale anytime

Guardian is thoroughly customized to your organization, focusing only on bringing value to where it counts the most— you won’t be burdened with services that you don’t need or that provide minimal value.

We can accommodate any number of SQL Server instances and scale depending on your business needs and growth. You can assign your instances with different priorities depending on the function that each one fulfills and the level of importance they have for your operations.

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Every plan is unique, designed for your company's specific requirements

Maximum Flexibility

Scale up or down depending on your business' needs

Save up to 80%

Dramatically reduce your SQL Server maintenance costs

Main features

Health Check and Set up

A senior DBA will run a complete health check to determine the condition of your SQL Server instances and databases. After that, they will configure your data platform's parameters for optimal performance, reliability, and security.

Environment Monitoring

We will provide 24/7 monitoring of the status of your data platform to help prevent outages, data loss, service interruptions, or potentially damaging incidents. Eliminate trouble before it happens with proactive monitoring and maintenance.

System diagnosis and Fine-tuning

With all diagnostic data in hand, we will report back to you with a complete system diagnosis. Our DBAs will suggest possible improvements for the maintenance, performance, and security of your SQL Server infrastructure. Guardian includes two dedicated rounds of performance tuning per year.

Alert System

Whenever an alert is detected, we will notify you immediately. Our DBA team will pinpoint the source of the problem, evaluate the threat level, and fix the incident, reducing the chances of it happening again.

Direct Support Hotline

Contact our Senior DBA team anytime through the Direct Support Hotline. Ask for advice, get your questions answered, and check your system's status in real-time whenever needed.

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Guardian Backup


Maintain appropriate back-ups of your databases and have them periodically verified and restored. This will make it possible to meet tighter RPO and RTO SLA requirements.

Guardian Index and Statistics

Index/Statistics maintenance

Improve the effectiveness of the SQL Server query optimizer with pre-emptive index and statistics maintenance, customized to your workload and infrastructure.

Lucient Guardian data Integrity

Data Integrity

Avoid the risk of data corruption in your databases thanks to the timely verification of your data sets with various SQL Server tools.

Lucient Guardian Capacity management

Capacity Management

Can your hardware and infrastructure handle your workload? Predict when your capacity is close to running out.

Lucient Guardian Job monitoring

Job monitoring

Quickly detect and fix malfunctions in any SQL Server Agent jobs run by your SQL Server instances.

Lucient Guardian patching


Ensure your SQL Server instances are in full compliance and data protection is maximized by never missing critical SQL Server patches.

Lucient Guardian -Tracer


Keep auditing logs of all activity and detect unauthorized or unwanted modifications of your data.

Lucient Guardian High Availability

High Availability

Avoid interruptions of service, monitoring the proper functioning of your servers.

Performance monitoring

Performance monitoring

Oversee the optimal performance of your SQL Server instances by keeping watch on key parameters.

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