We are very excited about the launch of our new corporate brand, Lucient. For the first time, we have earnestly searched for a name representing what we do and what we are for our clients.

Because what matters to us most is what we are for our clients.

When we founded our company in 2002, we picked Solid Quality Learning because it gave us the acronym SQL, and also because our primary focus back then was training.

Years later, we adopted the SolidQ brand as it brought a simplification to our branding.

But the fact is that none of our past brands were ever designed to show the value we bring to our clients.

The light of data

We have – chosen Lucient as our new brand by combining two simple words: “Lucid” (crystal clear, easy to understand) and “Lucent” (bringing light, bright and luminous). That is what we are aiming for, to become a beacon of light for our clients by helping them to unlock insights, streamline operations, and gain a competitive advantage through their data. 

Throughout the years, our clients have trusted Lucient as their expert team, designing and delivering Data Intelligence systems specifically designed to make data work for them. (Training, Consulting and Managed Services on Database Management and Administration, Advanced Analytics, and Machine Learning).

Fernando Guerrero, CEO of Lucient

Because what matters to us most is what we are for our clients.

Fernando G. Guerrero, President of the Board and Lucient Corporate CEO

We gained the trust of our clients through an uncompromised commitment to quality, from talent recruitment and nurturing, to delivery excellence and knowledge sharing. Our assistance enabled our clients to empower their data developers and analysts so that they would become more productive, adding more and more value to their companies through efficient use of one of their most valuable assets: data.

A global network always close to you

Lucient was born as a multi-national, multi-cultural company, and we have always embraced and appreciated the diversity and local/cultural differences. This ensures we are as close as possible to our clients, both physically and culturally, while gaining advantages from a diverse, expert,  and globally distributed team.

Now, more than ever, our clients appreciate the years of experience the Lucient team has (working both remotely and in-house) using advanced distributed collaboration methodologies. This is something we have done from the very beginning, when our founding team was already spread over four time zones.   

As the first employee of Lucient, and its President since day one, I am incredibly proud of the amazing team we have built, and express my deep gratitude to so many businesses who trusted us as their partner of choice across the globe.  

On behalf of the Lucient team, I am looking forward to a fantastic future of partnership with our clients, unlocking the potential of Data-driven Intelligence.

Fernando G. Guerrero, President of the Board and CEO of Lucient