In these times of weird economics in many places, more and more small and medium companies try to operate without a dedicated database administrator (DBA). Other companies still have one or more dedicated DBAs, however, (s)he or they is or are overwhelmed with work. Nevertheless, SQL Server and databases need regular monitoring and maintenance. SolidQ responded to these needs with a service called DB Flex.

SolidQ supplies the most comprehensive and flexible operational services on Microsoft SQL Server on the market. With DB Flex, we constantly monitor your SQL environment, optimize the operation and continuously correct errors and deficiencies, cost-effectively. With 100% focus on SQL Server, the DB Flex service typically saves enterprises 30-50% of the cost compared to in-house operation or external hosting supplier. With DB Flex we ensure reliable operation, provide professional sparring and training for our customers that cover the needs of the individual enterprise.

We are successfully offering and executing this service in the Nordic area, and now we are introducing it also in the Central and Eastern Europe area. If you are interested in this service, please contact Fritz Lechnitz ( For Slovenia, in Slovenian language, you can also contact me (