A well-looked-after data platform management is crucial to keeping a business profitable and on track for the future. In one way or another, everything relies on the steady and stable flow of data. That’s why a strong SQL server performance is so important.

Naturally, running a company requires paying attention to many areas, but effective data management is indeed vital. Whether to maintain internal processes, provide direct customer service, monitor business developments, or make confident decisions, a healthy and strong SQL server performance is a must.

Why Lucient Guardian is unique

Guardian Data Monitoring

There are other DBAaaS services on the market, yes, but none as complete and customizable as Lucient Guardian.

  • Its flexibility in configuration allows a unique adaptation to the needs of each business.
  • In addition to constant monitoring of the performance of your data platform, Lucient Guardian includes troubleshooting.
  • Our experts will also advise you on continually improving your data platform and avoiding issues that can reduce its performance.
  • Our versatility allows us to fit seamlessly into whatever system and data infrastructure your business uses.
  • If you have built-in external tools, we will also integrate them into the data platform management, monitoring and improvement.
  • Besides, you only pay for what you have use for; focus only on what brings your business real, tangible value.

Key benefits for SQL server performance

Think of Lucient Guardian as a custom-tailored suit. After our team analyzes your system, we will create a service package that fits your needs like a glove.

Thanks to the alerts system, the moment we detect any potential risk or threat that could cripple or damage your service, we will seek a solution. You can configure the service to be active outside business hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The information dashboard will provide you with real-time information so that you can always keep track of the evolution of key parameters. Of course, it also allows you to review historical data and extract business intelligence to help you make better decisions.

It is a fully scalable service, in any direction. Scale up or down, add or remove features as your business demands. There is no one-size-fits-all.

What does your subscription include?

  1. A thorough examination of your data platform to determine its current condition and desirable improvements. In case we find any problems, we will propose the various alternatives we see to restore optimal performance.
  2. Constant monitoring to have a continuous view of the data platform’s status to prevent service interruptions, data loss or any other incident. Consultation available in real-time through a Power BI dashboard.
  3. Platform tuning to improve its performance once sufficient data is available to suggest possible improvements. Our experts and your IT team can then decide on the next steps.
  4. Incident alerts and resolution within the agreed service level for minor issues. We can also take care of more severe troubleshooting, thus relieving your IT team of the task.
  5. A customer service hotline to solve your doubts, answer your questions, and check your system’s status in real-time.

Optional Features for better data platform management

Depending on your data infrastructure and needs, you can add several extra features to your subscription, reinforcing your SQL server performance.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): Determine the response times to fix common incidents, from Standard to Critical, and troubleshooting coverage outside normal business hours.
  • Licensing overview and advisory: We often find that companies have licenses that do not take full advantage or whose functionalities overlap. Lucient’s experts will advise you on the most appropriate license configuration for the performance you expect from your data platform – pay only for what you need!
  • Major Incidents Handling: Let our IT team solve the major problems in managing your data platform. Prevent a data system failure from having a partial or critical impact on your business!
  • More instances: If you want to expand the number of instances that Lucient Guardian services, consult our staff to set up a customized plan that meets your needs.


As pioneers of the data industry, we have helped thousands of businesses worldwide to enhance their SQL Server performance. This has also provided us with invaluable insights concerning troubleshooting and risk avoidance for data platforms.

We have distilled this real-world approach into a complete offering of associated microservices for Lucient Guardian. Extra features envisioned and designed to extend your SQL server infrastructure’s range of action and empower your business intelligence unit. 

Lucient Guardian also includes four pre-established packs, each focused on strengthening a different area (health, security, stability, and performance.) Or better, you can choose our All-In pack, including all nine microservices.

  1. Backup 

Data is essential for any company to function properly, the key opening the gate to quickly and confidently making business decisions. Avoid unpleasant surprises and protect your data by always keeping backup copies updated and periodically verified.

  • Performance Monitoring

Some unknown element is making your server and databases not perform fast enough, reducing your processes’ speed. Lucient Guardian uses the SQL servers’ performance indicators to point out where the problems that cause such bottlenecks are located.

  • Data integrity

No matter how good your data system may be, it can be exposed to damage or corruption, making it useless or even unreadable. Lucient Guardian will alert you immediately of any risk that may negatively affect your databases.

  • Index and Statistics Maintenance

If your system experiences sudden speed changes when operating, you may have a problem managing the information. Thanks to periodic maintenance control, Lucient Guardian can detect records that your system no longer uses and that may be decreasing the performance of your servers.

Lucient Guardian microservices
  • Capacity Management

Does your system have the resources to handle the assigned workload effectively? With Lucient Guardian, you will be able to detect when virtual capacity is nearing exhaustion and prevent your server from going down.

  • Job Monitoring

If you wonder why some of the tasks your system performs take longer than normal, stop for no apparent reason, or fail to start, you should check how your server handles them. Lucient Guardian will alert you of any failure, delay, or unusual parameter in the execution of tasks, so you can detect and correct incidents that reduce performance.

  • Patching 

Keep your servers updated and protected with service patches, avoiding risk and loss of performance or non-compliance with mandatory standards. We will notify you each time a new service pack, update, or security provision is released. If you wish, leave the installation of updates to us.

  • High Availability

When High Availability / Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) guidelines are not working properly, your system risks unwanted service interruption without security measures being activated. Lucient Guardian will quickly detect any deterioration of the data environment and minimize the potential risk of failure.

  • Tracer

Keep a record of all changes in your databases’ structure and protect your servers from unwanted or unauthorized modifications.

Want to try Lucient Guardian?

We offer free basic advice on your data infrastructure’s status and performance on a selection of your SQL servers’ instances, and a demonstration of how ALL our microservices would work on your system.