Gianluca gave us the information about the December 2005 release of AdventureWorks and AdventureWorks demo databases in his blog couple of weeks ago. Renee Rinker, MS employee, was so kind to enlist the changes in MVP newsgroups. As this is interesting for many people, I am repeating this info here.

In December 2005 web refresh


AdventureWorks OLTP changes:

Issue: Date literals in AdventureWorks function definitions are not locale-independent, so dates did not compare correctly in some locales.
Fix: In stored procedures, used CONVERT(datetime, ‘99991231’, 112) to get the date in the correct format.

Issue: ProductVendor rows and Purchase Order data missing for 54 products that are marked as “buy”.
Fix: Data added.

Issue: Scalar value function AdventureWorks.dbo.ufnGetDocumentStatusText returns [nvarchar](15) value. When @Status = 1, the function returns ‘Pending approva’ which is truncated.
Fix: Changed to return [nvarchar](16)

Issue: Triggers should check if @@rowcount is 0 before doing anything (performance issue).
Fix: Added checks.

Issue: AdventureWorks should not use triggers to update the date in the ModifiedDate column in various tables since it is more efficient for whatever updates a row to update that column as well.
Fix: Removed the triggers that update the ModifiedDate columns.


Build version changed:

In OLTP database, AWBuildVersion table data changed to version (maps to date of change as before) with modified dates and times also changed.
In DW database, in the AdventureWorksDWBuildVersion table the version changed from 3.0 to and modified date changed (time is still 00:00:00.000).