What will you learn?

“Welcome to DAX” is an introductory session inviting you to the world of Data Analysis eXPressions (DAX), Microsoft’s new native formula, and query language found in Power BI, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Tabular and the Power Pivot plug-in for Excel.

DAX, initially released in 2009 with the first version of Power Pivot, opened a brave, new world for analysts and developers to quickly build formulas and calculations to analyze and mold data of all shapes and sizes. DAX is designed to be simple and easy-to-learn while exposing the power and flexibility of Tabular modeling. But be warned, looks can be deceiving!

In this session, we’ll navigate the basics of DAX to understand best practices around syntax and usage. Along the way, we will discover the intricacies of how row, query, and filter context affect output in a DAX expression and how we can manipulate that context to get the results we need.


Reid Havens is a Microsoft MVP. He has a formal background in technology and Bill Anton is a beaver. Unlike traditional beavers, who waste their time in the woods splashing around in streams with sticks, Bill uses his time efficiently to construct data warehouses and business analytics solutions using Microsoft tools and technologies giving business the visibility and insights they need to win. His natural habitats include North American office parks where he is often surrounded by pleased clients, and the MSDN forums, where he answers questions. His movements can be followed at his blog (http://byobi.com)

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