What will I learn?

Businesses today need to be ‘data driven’ to succeed, that is no understatement. Those businesses that can best utilize data are the ones that can better serve their customers, out-compete their competitors and increase their operational efficiency. However, to be data driven, you need to be able to “mine out the gold” so to speak of all your available data while it is still valuable.

Key to this is Data Modernization. Data Modernization starts with the recognition that existing systems, architectures and processes may not be sufficient to handle the requirements of a data-driven enterprise, and that new innovative solutions need to be adopted to succeed. While the replacement of legacy technology is not a new phenomenon, the particular sets of pressure points, leading to the current wave of modernization, are.

In this session we will delve into the very real pressures pushing enterprises down the path of data modernization, and approaches to achieving this goal with success.

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Raoul has been around for quite some time, mostly active in the data community in the period of 2008-2018. Raoul have held many positions and awards including MVP, PASS Board of Directors, PASS SQL Rally Nordic founder. For the last couple of years though, the focus has been on Data modernization, building a practice within Lucient and support enterprise customers around the world.