A thorough system analysis performed by a top industry expert

SQL Server Health Check

Identify what is causing your database issues and plan a solution roadmap

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Keep your data and instances in good health

Receive custom advice

You will get a thorough report with all results and recommendations. Our experts will discuss with you possible next steps. You then have the option of making changes on your own, or we can assist with any remediation or further investigation.

Tried and tested process

Developed and refined over the years, our process is constantly evolving to be more efficient and thorough based on changes in SQL Server versions, tech trends and best practices from real projects.

Good server health = peace of mind

Incorrectly-configured SQL Servers and Databases can have a significant impact on the performance, reliability, availability and recovery of the data infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Spotting issues before it´s too late to fix is the key of our SQL Server Health Check solution.

SQL Server Health Check conveniency

Why does your system need a Health Check?

  • If your data platform’s performance has slowed down
  • If you want to improve your disaster recovery strategy
  • If you need to resolve any security-related concerns
  • If you need to locate and fix errors
  • If your DBA team is consistently putting out fires
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SQL Server Health Deliverables & Outcome

All findings are documented and delivered to your team. The reports created will give you a comprehensive view of the state of your instances, we do not withhold any information from you.

Finally, we will schedule a call with you to audit your system and help you interpret the generated report, address questions and agree on possible next steps. You then have the option to make changes on your own or to let us assist you with whatever action you want to take (remediation, further investigation, etc.)

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What does this assessment check?

  • Configuration
  • Backup strategy, recovery plans
  • Database consistency
  • Indexing strategy
  • Performance Data Collection
  • Security Check
  • SQL Server version potential threats

Do you need to run a SQL Server Health Check in one or more of your instances? Tell us about what you are trying to accomplish and we will advise on how to proceed.

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SQL Server Health Check Pricing

SQL Server Health Check (1 instance)

Setup and SQL Server Health Check of 1 single instance.

EUR 3,450 first instance

Additional Instances (<10 )

Add up to 10 instances to your Health Check to save costs.

EUR 1,285 / instance

Large Systems

Perform a SQL Server Health Check in more than 10 instances.

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Luca La Cava

Former Project Manager at Meridiana

“The speed of the server tripled. Previously, due to the high number of transactions, the system sometimes slowed down or even locked up. Now these problems do not happen anymore.”

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If your business is growing fast and your server is struggling to keep up, or you are having constant complaints from your staff or customers because the database is slow or showing errors, we are here to help!

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