Identify how to optimize your Power BI Dashboards in just 8 hours

With Power BI Clinic, you will show the right data, bug-free, optimized Power BI dashboards that will help you make smarter decisions.

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Make the most out of Power BI

Power BI is one of the best-known and most widelyused Business Analytics services, delivering insights to provide you with the EXACT knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your business. It allows you to connect to hundreds of sources, prep model data with ease, and create beautiful dashboards.  

Best practices and experience are essential in order to provide high-quality reports, better browsing and navigation, and provide high-quality reports, better browsing and an overall smoother experience for the destination user. 

To make sure you’re getting the most out of Power BI,¬†Lucient¬†is offering an 8-hour workshop,¬†Power BI Clinic.¬†

What is Power BI Clinic?

Power BI Clinic is an on-site (or online) 8-hour workshop that we run for your company, where we follow one of two specific tracks:

OPTION 1. Assessment of data import and modeling analysis

OPTION 2. Analysis of the requirements and existing architecture for your BI project

Option 1. Performance Roadmap

Step 1: Analysis of the overall purpose of the report.

Step 2: Analysis of loading flows and data modeling, and evaluation if it is possible to apply the main best practice.

Step 3: Evaluation of front end based on analysis of user interface and user experience

Step 4: Definition of the interventions necessary to improve the reports from the point of view of performances, user experience and user interface.

(*) up to a maximum of 5 reports

Option 2. Architecture Roadmap

Step 1: Analysis of the aim of the Power BI project and characteristics of the client

Step 2: Evaluation of the existing architecture and the infrastructural context in which the new architecture is inserted or will be inserted

Step 3: Evaluation of the set of expected data sources and their characteristics

Step 4: Definition of the Power BI architecture that best suits the purpose and possibilities of the customer

What is included in the Power BI Clinic workshop?

  • A clear roadmap¬†of the¬†next steps¬†to take¬†your¬†goals¬†
  • Recommendations¬†to accomplish¬†what your business needs your reports to¬†do¬†
  • Ideas¬†that will help you fix¬†issues¬†with your data¬†
  • Knowledge to¬†improve¬†your Power BI¬†user¬†experience¬†
  • Advice¬†to achieve a¬†data-driven¬†strategy¬†that converts¬†
  • Ask our experts¬†for¬†additional mentoring, training, or a POC¬†at a reduced¬†price

Are you ready to get started on your Power BI project? Contact us now and find out what we can offer you!

This workshop is offered at a closed and accessible price. Contact us to learn more.

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