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Our team will run your instances smoothly, keeping data safe

Lucient Guardian tailored suit

A tailored suit

We analyze your requirements together and create a set to meet your specific needs

Lucient Guardian Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Let us configure and optimize your infrastructure, ensuring it runs like clockwork

Lucient Guardian alwayds protected

Always protected

We act swiftly to fix any incident in your infrastructure, no matter when it happens

Lucient guardian Detailed information

Detailed information

Get real-time updates, predict, and prepare for the challenges ahead

Lucient Guardian Scalability


Scale flexibly, according to the evolution of your needs

Lucient Guardian Save time and resources

Save time and resources

Lucient Guardian will help you reduce between 30% and 80% of server maintenance costs

Entrust your data platform to the best hands

  • Lucient Guardian is a subscription-based service, unique worldwide, that will help your SQL Server infrastructure run smoothly.
Lucient Guardian - Entust data platform into the best hands
Lucient Guardian - Included in your subscription

Main features

  • Health check and Set up We conduct a health check to determine the condition of your SQL Server instances and databases.
  • Environment Monitoring Oversee the status of your data infrastructure at all times to prevent outages, data loss, or other incidents.
  • System Diagnosis and Fine-tuning With all data in hand, we will report a complete system diagnosis and suggest possible improvements for your SQL Server infrastructure.

Always close to you

Troubleshooting When an alert is detected, you will be notified immediately. For minor problems, we will provide a solution within a timeframe according to your SLA. If desired, we can also take care of more severe incidents.

Ticketing system and Hotline Contact our DBA experts anytime through the Direct Support Hotline. Ask for advice, solve your queries, and check your system status in real-time.

Lucient Guardian Always close to you
Guardian Data Monitoring - SQL Server performance

Guardian Core

  • Basic Health Monitoring Any potentially negative issues will be singled out and corrected to avoid possible damages. Run your workloads on a system that complies with Microsoft Best Practices.
  • Operational State Connecting frequently to your SQL Server instances can determine potential risks capable of causing service failures. Fix the problem before the final users experience any inconvenience.

Discover our microservices

Performance monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Oversee the optimal performance of your SQL Server instances by keeping watch on key parameters.

Guardian Backup


Keep backups of your databases, and have them periodically verified and restored.

Guardian Index and Statistics

Index/Statistics maintenance

Improve your SQL servers' capacity to scan and read information, ensuring the necessary maintenance is observed.

Lucient Guardian data Integrity

Data Integrity

Avoid the risk of data corruption thanks to the timely verification of your databases.

Lucient Guardian Data Integrity

Capacity management

Can your hardware & resources match the workload? Predict when capacity is running out.

Lucient Guardian High Availability

High availability

Steer clear of interruptions of service, monitoring the correct communication between your servers.

Lucient Guardian Job monitoring

Job monitoring

Quickly detect and fix any delay or malfunction in any jobs run by your SQL Server instances.

Lucient Guardian patching


Make sure your SQL servers are in full compliance and data is safe by never missing critical patches.

Lucient Guardian -Tracer


Keep track of any modification of schemas or structure changes in your databases.

Some possible combinations

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Would you like to try Lucient Guardian? We offer free basic advice on your data infrastructure’s status and performance, a selection of your SQL servers’ instances, and a demonstration of how ALL our microservices would work on your system.

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What is the difference with other DBA as a Service solutions?

We don’t offer a one size fits all service. Lucient Guardian is a flexible service that provides a custom solution that fits your specific needs. This way, you only pay for what you use.

How is it better than common monitoring solutions?

Lucient Guardian is not just a monitoring solution. It also includes troubleshooting assistance and recommendations to improve your data platform’s performance. Unburden your IT department from low-level tasks and save time and resources.

What tools do you use to monitor data systems?

We have different monitoring tools based on each system’s requirements. In case you have a third-party solution, we can integrate that as well.

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