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Accelerated SQL Server Integration Services

Design, develop, deploy, and operate SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) solutions. Developed in-house...

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Data Science with R and SQL Server

Introducing the language, statistics, data mining, and machine learning with R, and using data science...

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Deeper insights lead to faster, smarter business decisions. Learn how to build data-driven analytics and extract valuable knowledge. 

With our training, you will get to know better what your customers demand. Predict their future behavior and optimize your operations, with the certainty that your data is reliable and consistent.  

Let’s have a look now at how to achieve a solid, data-driven business intelligence environment.

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Lucient is Gold certified and Learning Partner.

Lucient creates all-level training, designed to complement, and build on Microsoft’s curriculum. We are authors of any Official Study guides for Microsoft’ certifications.

Working with Lucient is a partnership.

We collaborate with our customers, understanding their detailed needs so that we can provide the most practical advice, training, and solutions.

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Lucient authors and trainers are world class Data Management and Analytic experts.

They bring to the classroom real-world problems and solutions derived from years of industry experience.

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