Accelerated SQL Server Integration Services

Design, develop, deploy, and operate SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) solutions.

Developed in-house by Lucient, the Integration Services (SSIS) course focuses on developing and managing SSIS 2016 in the enterprise. In this course, you will understand how to design, develop, deploy, and operate SSIS solutions—this involves ETL solutions (extraction, transformation, and loading) from source systems extractions, data integration, SSIS server administration and package execution.

Course Benefits

  • Create and develop new SSIS projects packages.
  • Apply SSIS to file and data management.
  • Loading SSAS dimensions and cubes.
  • Determine when to use projects mode versus.
  • Understand and apply ETL concepts in SSIS.
  • Administer SSIS for sever deployment and production execution.

What Will I Learn?

In this course you will learn how to create and develop new SSIS projects and package and determine when to use project mode versus, how to apply SSIS to file and data managemen, to understand and apply ETL Concepts in SSIS including dimensions and fact table ETL and loading SSAS dimension and cubes and how to administer SSIS for server deployment and production execution.

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