Data Science with R and SQL Server

Introducing the language, statistics, data mining, and machine learning with R, and using data science in SQL Server and Microsoft BI stack.

R is the most popular environment and language for statistical analyses, data mining, and machine learning. Managed and scalable version of R runs in SQL Server, Power BI, and Azure ML. The main topic of the course is the R language. However, the course also shows how to use the languages and tools available in MS BI suite for data science applications, including Python, T-SQL, Power BI, Azure ML, and Excel. The labs focus on R; the demos also show the code in other languages.

Course Benefits

  • Compare R vs Python.
  • Get familiar with unsupervised learning methods.
  • Execute matrix operations.
  • Visualize associations between variables.
  • Prepare Data for analytical tasks.
  • Get familiar with supervised learning methods.

What Will I Learn?

Attendees of this course learn to program with R from the scratch. Basic R code is introduced using the free R engine and RStudio IDE. A lifecycle of a data science project is explained in details. The attendees learn how to perform the data overview and do the most tedious task in a project, the data preparation task. After data overview and preparation, the analytical part begins with intermediate statistics in order to analyze associations between pairs of variables. Then the course introduces more advanced methods for researching linear dependencies.

Finally, the attendees also learn how to use the R code in SQL Server, Azure ML, and Power BI through labs, and how to use Python for inside all of the tools mentioned through demos.

Course Outline

  • Module 1. Introducing data science and R
  • Module 2. Introducing Python
  • Module 3. Data overview
  • Module 4. Data preparation
  • Module 5. Associations between two variables and visualizations of associations
  • Module 6. Feature selection and matrix operations
  • Module 7. Unsupervised learning
  • Module 8. Supervised learning
  • Module 9. Modern topics
  • Module 10. R in SQL Server and MS BI

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