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Power DBI

Power DBI (Databases + Business Intelligence) is a subscription-based service that makes it easy to assess and troubleshoot SQL Server instances.

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Do you want to be your own DBA and get an easy overview of your databases?

Investigate problems on demand via the Power DBI Portal

A single DBA can assess configuration and performance metrics of many instances.

Centralize important information in just few dashboards

Thanks to a collection of reports in Power BI Online Services, you can have a clear and quick overview (with just one click).

Save time and monitor from anywhere

You can also monitor your SQL Server status through your mobile phone during a meeting, home or your shopping time. No more wasting time checking every single server to find where the issue is.

Are you struggling to find the source of your SQL Server issues?  

Would you like to convert current manual checks to automated processes?

What if issues or potential risk situations could be seen at-a-glance?

Do you want to identify what is impacting the health and stability of your SQL environment?

Would you like to see and control your SQL Server instances remotely, for example during meetings, from your home, or from a client’s site? 

What is Power DBI?

Power DBI (Databases + Business Intelligence) is a subscription-based service that makes it easy to assess and troubleshoot SQL Server instances. 

Benefit from a clear overview of your SQL Server’s status from anywhere. We have combined Microsoft Power BI’s flexibility with the extensive knowledge of our DBAs to help you assess and troubleshoot your data platform. Check all instances from a single portal and quickly assess and address actual or potential issues on demand and with low latency! 


What will I be able to do with Power DBI?

  • Assess and troubleshoot any incident affecting your servers 
  • Initiate periodic checks yourself whenever needed 
  • Find the root cause of any incident swiftly 
  • Fixthe configuration of your SQL Server environment 
  • Detect missing backups and failed jobs 
  • Receive high-end support to resolve complex incidents 
  • Track performance from your mobile (device) 
  • Create operational dashboards 

What is included in the Power DBI subscription?

  • Daily scheduled updates to always analyze fresh captures of your data! 
  • Self-service interaction with your SQL Server instances & technical data 
  • 24-7 access to an easy, intuitive, and centralized solution 
  • A quick overview of the status of all your instances.  
  • Monitor your SQL Server situation through your mobile devices. 
  • Future enhancement and features will be available for free 
  • Ask our experts for targeted additional support at a reduced price 

Do you want to be your own DBA and get an easy overview of your databases?


Is my SQL Server version supported?

Power DBI supports from SQL Server 2012 up to the latest available version, both on premise and in the cloud (IaaS).

Would I expose my servers to the Internet?

No, data transmission is encrypted using Lucient will share its tenant, so you do not need to provide one. The service respects the privacy criteria required by the GDPR and no sensitive data is shared.

Do I need anything to view the reports?

The Power BI client supports all mobile and fixed devices. You need to get a license of Power BI Professional for each user who wants to view reports.

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