Data analytics and business intelligence

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Gain in-depth business insight, make better choices


Transform, clean, and fine-tune your data.


Present your business data-driven value to your stakeholders by leveraging Power BI.


Use Data Intelligence to predict trends early and influence decision making.

Smarter planning with power BI

Thanks to the leading analytics capabilities of Power BI, decision-makers are instantly updated about their most critical metrics and KPIs. With clear and fully customizable dashboards, business users and data analysts can freely roam the data landscape and make accurate projections based on historical records.

Data Analytics and Business intelligence

How does it work

PRE-STUDY To better understand your BI goals, we help you define any essential metrics to use as a proof-of-concept (PoC) and focus on a specific problem.

DEVELOPMENT After assessing your data environment and sources, our team develops the transformation pipeline with an agile and iterative approach.

EVALUATION We release the PoC and wait for your assessment. Should it match your expectations, we could extend the success to other areas of your organization.

METRIC CHANGE As we progress through the list of goals and targets, the next most prioritized metric will be implemented.

UPSKILL If anything remains to be done, we transfer our expertise to your development team, so it can independently offer solutions. Meanwhile, you can contact us at any time for BI mentorship.

Our client says...

Massimiliano Leo, Senior Manager IT EMEAR at EPSON

We estimated a 10% gain on productivity, with a 20% savings on handling costs in infrastructure.

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Business intelligence projects can be lengthy. What is different about your offering?

Our approach mixes a series of tools, best practices, and procedures that enable us to focus on the details of the bigger picture. We develop and release them in an iterative pattern, producing results faster, and lowering the complexity.

We would like to migrate our workload to the cloud, but we are worried about moving all our processes and codebase at once. Is there any alternative?

Hybrid scenarios are widespread nowadays, and many services on the cloud can securely connect to your on-premise sources in a very transparent way. Also, many workloads can be transferred as a first step, and subsequently adapted or rebuilt to leverage the cloud potential and save on costs.

Are we limited to include only static or relational sources to our data analytics solution?

No. Modern Data Warehouses are an evolution of typical data warehouses and allow for different layers of information treated at different speeds. You can have a live dashboard fed by streaming data, which simultaneously can be stored to be further analyzed.

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