In this blog post, I aim to summarize database migration options that I have been blogging about for past few weeks. Choosing right tool is a key decision when you decide to migrate SQL server to SQL Azure – And I hope this blog post can help you decide which is the best tool to be picked for your scenario:
Here is the summary:
Scenario/Tool Generate script wizard SSIS BCP DAC v2.0
Migrate SQL schema YES YES YES
Migrate Data YES YES YES YES
Migrate large Data YES YES YES


Blog Posts featuring tools that help migrate SQL server database to SQL Azure:


Migrating SQL server Data to SQL Azure using BCP << Paras Doshi


How to use SQL server Integration services (SSIS) to migrate data from SQL server to SQL Azure << Paras Doshi

Generate script wizard:

How to use Generate script wizard to migrate SQL server Database to SQL Azure << Paras Doshi

Dac’s v2.0 (SQL Azure Import Export CTP):



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