In my previous post, we saw how to export a SQL Azure database to Azure storage as a bacpac. Now, in this blog post, we will import a bacpac to a SQL Azure database. Before we begin, we will need:

  2. Access key of the bacpac’s Azure storage account
  3. Credentials of the Target SQL Azure server.

So, let’s get started:

1) Go to Azure management portal and browse to the “Database” section of the portal. Now select the SQL Azure server . And click the “import” in the Import and export CTP section:



2) Enter the required information:

Note few things here,

The process would create a “NEW” database and so for the Target SQL Azure server, the database name should be available and valid.

Choose the edition and Max size based on the size that bacpac import process may need.

Enter the full Bacpac URL and the access key (or shared access key) of the Azure storage account under which the bacpac resides.



3) Click on “Finish” and you would see a message saying “your request was successfully submitted”. Click on close and now, let’s check the status of the import process. click on “status” in the Import and export CTP section and enter the SQL Azure server credentials. If the import is successful, you would see it in the status tab:



Conclusion: in this blog post – we saw how to import a bacpac to SQL Azure database via Import and Export CTP.


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