Bad database design and inefficient queries lead to applications that are hard to maintain and upgrade and that don’t perform well. Why don’t you start with a good design? Join me during the DevWeek 2013 post-conference seminar that provides developers and administrators with essential knowledge needed for a good database logical and physical design for well-performing applications in a single day. Of course, the knowledge gained by attending this seminar helps improving design and performance of existing databases as well.

The Data Modeling Essentials seminar explains the relational model for transactional databases and the dimensional model for data warehouses. However, even the best logical model can’t help when the physical implementation is bad. Therefore, the seminar shows in details how SQL Server stores and accesses data, and how to optimize the relational and the dimensional model.

Besides the seminar, you are also welcome to join my conference sessions:

  • High performance statistical queries
  • Temporal data in SQL Server
  • Minimally logged (bulk) inserts
  • SQL Server data mining
  • Market basket analysis